March 2020, the world is in strict lockdown. Isolation won’t only have had negative effects. This period was even saving and conducive to Vania who experienced a brutal awakening. Her nourishing becomes spiritual, thanks to reading. . To her greatest surprise, she’ll even write a book about it, called elle ET moi, released in February 2021. She retraces the key moments of her personal development, seen as doors, each leading her from one experience to another. From kundalini yoga to meditation, including gong baths, Reiki, lithotherapy.

Her last door is that of evolutionary and karmic astrology.
An area to which she has always been sensitive. What is my life mission?, my wound of incarnation? So many questions that Vania discovers through learning this science.

By accepting to open up to the field of possibilities, of dreams, she dares, she creates, without imposing limits. Among all the ideas in her head, there is one that sensitizes her more than the others!
This idea came from her 4-year-old daughter Charlie, who inspired her one morning when she started talking about the planets.

Returning from an immersive and introspective journey, Vania receives a vision.
This is how Charlie and her mom go on a mission!
This 4-handed project will see the light of day a few months later.

Charlie will be the sole originator of all designs!!

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